Run with us for Charity: Sportaround vzw

The Sofico Ghent Marathon supports Sportaround vzw, a Ghent organisation that wants to offer everybody an opportunity to take part in sports. Give this organisation your support by donating via the online registration form or come along and take part in one of the sports activities that they organise!

Sportaround vzw - about the Organisation

Sportaround was founded in Ghent in 2013. They encouraged children from disadvantaged areas to exercise during sports afternoons. In the meantime, the organisation offers after-school sports in nearly 50 schools, in the summer months they visit squares with a Sports cart, organise neighbourhood sports camps and also develop plenty more easily accessible sports activities and events.

Sportaround wants to give everybody the opportunity to develop themselves through sports and exercise. Doing sports makes you feel better about yourself, it makes you healthier, builds confidence, allows you to discover your talents, to create a group of friends, teaches you to manage victories and losses,... Children can develop themselves in a positive way.

Coordinator Bert Misplon: "We notice that children from disadvantaged backgrounds often do not get to do sports in their free time and we are trying to get them moving and to project a healthy life style. Furthermore, sport is an excellent way of integrating (yourself), not just for the children but also for our volunteers. Mario, a refugee from the war in Syria, learned Dutch in Ghent and studied at university. He now enjoys giving basketball training to the children from the Moscou neighbourhood."

After its initial success of the last years, Sportaround is now broadening its focus. After all, many children are still not finding their way to mainstream sports clubs. That is why Sportaround also wants to advise sports clubs, federations and organisations about making access more easy. They fund all this work through a mix of their own resources, subsidies, volunteers and fundraising.

An important challenge for the coming years is how Sportaround can increase their work and impact and make it more sustainable. The many volunteers are doing a fabulous job, but of course they also need good coordination and professional support. Also financial growth needs to be developed further, for example through opportunities with businesses.

You can support Sportaround vzw by donating via the online registration form of the Sofico Ghent Marathon 2020 or by taking part in one of the sports activities that they organise!

Many thanks for your support!


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